Minnesota Resort Wilderness Vacation

Add a wilderness adventure to your Minnesota resort vacation with a trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

BWCAWhy - The Boundary Waters is "one of 50 places a person should visit in their lifetime" according to National Geographic Magazine. The Boundary Waters Wilderness is unique and has remained essentially unchanged from the times when native Ojibwa Indians and fur trappers traveled the many waterways that make up this vast wilderness. Today you can still experience this wilderness in much the same way as the early explorers and inhabitants did.

How - You can visit the Boundary Waters for as little time as an hour or for as long as a week or more. Here at Timber Trail Lodge we have direct, water access to the Boundary Waters Wilderness from our resort. We also have a full service canoe outfitting company (Boundary Waters Outfitters) available to service all of your canoe outfitting needs. You can plan a trip in advance or while you are here. Depending on your desires, the trip can require as little as a canoe and a Boundary Waters Day Pass. You can begin by calling our outfitting company at (1-800-777-8574). Our staff will be glad to answer all of your questions and fully explain the options you have for visiting the Boundary Waters.

Fishing at Timber Trail LodgeWhere - The Boundary Waters is the largest wilderness east of the Rockies. Ely, Minnesota is centrally located and offers access to the majority of the wilderness. This large number of entry points offers a variety of wilderness experiences for you to choose from and it all begins by contacting Timber Trail Lodge, or Boundary Waters Outfitters.

What you will find when visiting the Boundary Waters - The experience will vary based on what you choose to do. On a more adventurous trip you will find you can spend days in the wilderness on a beautiful remote lake and may not see another person for days. For a day canoe trip you will see other canoe travelers, but you can paddle, fish, swim, picnic, see nature at its finest, and visit historic sites within the Boundary Waters all in an afternoon.

Here at Timber Trail Lodge we can designed a canoe trip for most any skill level and for any length of time you desire.

Do not miss the opportunity the visit the Boundary Waters on your trip to Ely, MN.

Fishing at Timber Trail Lodge

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